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Excellent communication is at the core of every successful professional services firm, practice, and agency.

With the Mitel Professional Services portfolio, knowledge workers are accessible to clients and colleagues, and can work as part of a local, global, or dispersed team whatever their location.

Gain a competitive edge

Mitel helps professional services organizations to gain a competitive edge with mobility, collaboration, and business continuity capabilities.

  • Enhance client relationships. Mobility and collaboration provide personalized services and responses to clients regardless of location, geography, or time zone.
  • Attract and retain key employees. Support the growing number of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) workers, teleworkers, and other talented employees looking for alternative working arrangements.
  • Access client data. Integrate with billing and practice management systems.
  • Investment Protection. Move between “site by site.” private and public cloud solutions, without having to make a major reinvestment in your communications solution.

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"We have not regretted taking on Power Telecoms. The technicians are readily available and understand the importance to our business of having an efficiently working Telephone system. If the problem..."
Marianne Lilley (Bedford Family Law)

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