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Music on Hold 

In today's telephony, your callers hear the telephone system audio files regularly and in many different call scenarios so it's important to get it right and not allow these files to become stale and out of date. On average 7 out of 10 callers will hear the recorded audio files from your telephone system when being transferred to another person or department, during enquiries and in many other call scenarios.

We know uncomfortable marketing on hold is not for you or your callers and so we would like to introduce to you a refreshing and successful alternative.

With this unique approach you can deliver everything your business and your callers deserve, a welcoming, pleasant and interesting environment which starts warm conversations and propagates real opportunities.

We’ll record and produce all of the files utilised by your telephone system including the main file heard during Enquiry & Transfer, Auto-attendant greetings, Information & Out of Hours greetings and Contact Centre messages, all delivered in one great voice for an amazing professional continuity whenever your callers connect.

Power Telecoms make it easy with Synergy, the great value way to transform your customer experience and perception whilst generating genuine interest in regularly updated areas you wish to profile.

Listen for yourself

We've included an example of what the Synergy system offers, below. Just choose a style from the left and a voice from the right – play will start automatically.

The Professional Audio Mixer is loaded with a selection of extensive ‘Feel Good’ royalty free music range and vocal artist delivery styles, so why not try changing the music and voice styles to get an idea of the combination you like best – the producers are very experienced and skilled in ensuring your final production faithfully represents your own unique organisation.

Just roughly write down the areas of interest you would like us profile for your first Enquiry & Transfer file production and any greetings – scriptwriters will make them sparkle and we’ll send them for your approval. If you prefer we can also write a full script based on your website and supplied corporate material!

Then contact Power Telecoms and we’ll do the rest!


"We have not regretted taking on Power Telecoms. The technicians are readily available and understand the importance to our business of having an efficiently working Telephone system. If the problem..."
Marianne Lilley (Bedford Family Law)

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